Why Love Is Our Supreme Function

Love is God’s greatest gift to humanity, it is His promise and our hope. From the ENCYCLICAL LETTER

When I use my heart to think instead of my mind I love and in so doing, I am much better at everything I do. For instance, I am more patient with others, with myself, with seeking solutions or solving problems. One of the biggest mistakes we make is acting in haste, responding too quickly, saying the first thing we think. Using our heart slows us down and makes us first and foremost, aware of people as dignified beings, as our brothers and sisters, as our keepers in the sense that we care for them and they for us.

I am also more kind. Instead of trying to be nice – fake nice – or “pc” or appropriate – I am simply kind which erases any need for superficiality, censors my tongue, changes my attitude, and allows me to see people, problems, solutions outside of my own self-serving interests.

I am also empathic and understanding. Judgment is gone because in my heart I know that judgment kills and brings anger which then takes things out of control.

Finally, when I use my heart to think instead of my mind I find a freedom that opens me and causes all the splendid faculties of my personality to spill out bringing light and cheerfulness to the situation. Even in sorrow, even in pain…there is peace, hope, perseverance that moves it all forward.

I wish I could say I am like this always. I pray to be more this than reliant upon myself because each day I know that by myself I am of little help but in Him and through Him I can do anything. Just recently I failed greatly by using my head instead of my heart. My words hurt, my attitude was harsh and judgmental, my body language closed. It got me ugliness. And there are a lot of excuses I could make justifying myself and it is easy – so easy – to believe them. But there was no love and without it, I failed myself, my neighbor, and most importantly, my Lord.

Yet I remember Jesus who is the all-forgiving God-man. I repent and believe, because of my repentance and contrite heart and love for God, that I will be forgiven. The mercy and compassion of Jesus are greater than any sin! When I see my Lord’s compassionate eyes on me I am filled with hope and peace, thankfulness and joy. Rejoice in this Season of the Resurrection. I stand up again and move forward in Him.