Divorce Mediation

Mediation gives couples and families a wonderful opportunity to control the outcome of their case without hiring lawyers. It is a science and an art. An experienced divorce mediator like Brenda A. Baietto, Esq., will search for practical solutions based on the best interests of the couple’s – and children’s – futures.

Choose Brenda Baietto as Your Mediator

Brenda Baietto is a recognized and experienced mediator in the greater Tampa, Florida area. Her clients give high praise to her creative and innovative approach to finding the right solutions. They respect both her compassion and tenacity in getting results.

Brenda has focused her efforts helping couples and families achieve results in out-of-court family law since 2013. She knows what the potential outcomes are when you must go to court, what judges are looking for, how the law works, and uses that knowledge to help the parties find their best solutions.

She believes that when done right, a mediated divorce agreement saves money, eliminates conflict, and helps couples move forward efficiently and reasonably.

When Happily Ever After Needs a New Ending – Practical and Fair Results Matter.

If you can settle out of court, we’ll do it.


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