Family Law

There’s nothing easy about breaking apart your family. You deserve an attorney who cares about the outcome as much as you do. We start with compassion and fairness. We look for smart, creative solutions. And we’re prepared to tackle challenges in court to protect your best interests.

Child Custody

In Florida child custody is known as time-sharing. We’ll work together to find solutions that allow children to thrive. Time-sharing is an issue specific to each family, and we will focus on a time-sharing schedule best suited for your family.

Child Support

Financial support is determined by a statutory formula in Florida based primarily on the parents’ income. I will guide you through the process and help you understand your options and obligations.

Child Pickup/Return Orders

Child Pickup/Return Orders are used to instruct parents to not take a child outside legal boundaries during a custody dispute. These orders may be needed if a “child is imminently likely to suffer serious physical harm or be removed from the State”.


When a career opportunity or other factors are leading you to move away from your current location, you must follow certain statutory requirements before relocating your children. Let’s discuss your options and what changes can and should be made before you take any action.


Paternity provides rights to both the child and the parents regarding support and custody.

Just in time for Father’s Day, 2023, the new law in Florida makes it easier for men with children born out of wedlock to establish their rights and be known as the child’s parent with all rights and responsibilities. If both Mother and Father sign an Acknowledgement of Voluntary Paternity, a court could then bestow on both equal say in their child’s education, health care, religion, time-sharing, and safety, among other things.


Beginning July 2023, a new alimony law makes broad changes regarding various aspects of alimony, including the criteria for modification. The most significant change is the elimination of permanent alimony in favor of a formula-based system that establishes both the maximum length of time alimony can be paid and caps the amount.

In Florida, the court may grant alimony to either party: temporary, bridge-the-gap, rehabilitative, or durational alimony. As your attorney, I will explain and guide you through the process of paying or receiving alimony.

Division of Assets

Florida is what is known as an “Equitable Distribution State”. Courts generally begin with a 50/50 division of assets unless an inequitable distribution is warranted. As your attorney, I will provide you with the legal guidance needed for a fair outcome.


If your financial or life circumstances have changed since your initial divorce settlement, child support agreement, or other legal decisions were made, it is essential we review and update them to reflect your current situation.


Contempt is a severe legal remedy used when a person intentionally disobeys a court order. A finding of contempt gives family court judges the ability to enforce child support, timesharing, and spousal support orders.

Domestic Violence

It may not be easy to tell someone you are dealing with domestic violence. You may need help protecting yourself and your children with a domestic violence injunction. Let us share our resources and legal skills to help you.

When Happily Ever After Needs a New Ending – Practical and Fair Results Matter.

Brenda Baietto, Esq., is ready to help you get an advantageous settlement whether that comes through a litigative process or an out-of-
court solution or even a combination of both. 

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