What Is Feminism Exactly?

What is feminism and how is it manifested in our society?

That’s a good place to start because if you notice, feminism is rarely defined. In particular, the feminists don’t define it. It is to their advantage not to define it because most people interpret it as meaning you’re for women, or that they have a right to be educated or are just as smart as men.

But that’s not what it is about at all. Feminism is about overthrowing the structure of the family and society. It rose out of the writings of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels [authors of The Communist Manifesto]. They saw that the family was at odds with their vision of society. Owning the factories is not enough. You can’t change society unless you get rid of the family.

When you attack the family, you attack society itself, including its institutions, authority, and traditions, as well as the Ten Commandments and God. Religious feminists, and even secular feminists, want to overthrow God. The religious feminists have set about replacing the Trinitarian God with a mishmash of New Age spirituality, paganism, psychology, and anything that is not structured, that is not traditional, that is not Christianity.

Our society is in dire straits, and the past 50 years have been a terribly difficult period in history. Feminism has played a leading role in destroying our civilization. It corrupts a woman by creating contempt within her for her natural role. The major secular feminists believe that women should not be allowed to stay home and raise their children. The general tone is that having children and raising them is really a waste of a woman’s talents and education.

Feminist philosophy has saturated our society. For example, take the fact that relatively few families have a mother at home raising her children full time with a father working to support them. Women are expected to be employed outside the home and take care of their children in their spare time. And forget about having a large family. Since women are career-centered, they simply don’t have time to take care of eight or 10 children.