We Need Guidance From the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church

Consider this: We already know what happens when we “simply focus in on Christian belief, the idea that we are all imperfect, that that lack of perfection is already paid for in the blood of the Risen Christ, and that in Christianity we no longer have to worry, that our sins are forgiven, and that we should try to live as best as we can according to the Bible.” We get anywhere between 200 and 33,820 distinct protestant denominations or churches. Whichever number is accurate, the fact remains that there are many; and yet each one believes they are doing exactly what the reader describes — and most of them contradicting each other in small and large ways. Many of these “just follow Jesus” Christians are just as bitter and insistent on details as the pettiest, most legalistic of Catholics. So, that doesn’t work! They can’t all be right; but if they’re not right, then what’s the point?

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