Want a Stronger Marriage? Praying Together Strengthens Marriage

The University of Virginia’s W. Bradford Wilcox boldly explains in his book Soul Mates that “shared prayer completely accounts for the association between church attendance and a happy relationship.” This means that prayer as a regular part of a couple’s relationship, according to this research, is the most important spiritual practice in relational success. This is equally true for Latino, Asian, black, and white couples. Prayer not only invites God into the relationship at times of unhappiness and struggle, but also helps the couple become more intimate and concerned with one another. Regularly sharing one’s thoughts with God in the presence of another is extremely intimate, perhaps rivaled only by physical intimacy. It binds people together. They both require great transparency and trust, enhancing the marital relationship.


When two people share the same faith, when they go to Church together, and when they add in the superglue of praying together, their marriage is fortified against divorce and made stronger and happier. This is a secret weapon that everyone should know about and talk about. Don’t kid yourselves, those married couples who practice their faith together have better marriages than the rest of us. Read the article linked above – the research proves it.