Traditional Marriage Collapse More Pronounced Among Blacks

We live in a time that espouses a relativism that does not recognize anything as definitive. By adopting the relativistic mindset “truth” no longer exists and, don’t kid yourself, neither do facts, unless they fit in with what a particular individual cares about. This allows for the current trend of labeling those who disagree as “haters,” or “your opinion is yours and mine is mine” or “you are just mean.”

But Truth matters The Truth lies in Christ – in fact, truth and love lie in Him. The closer we draw to Him, the more the two will be blended. And objective reality matters…One of those objective realities is that traditional marriage is on the decline. A major cause is a relativistic mindset applied to “marriage.” That is, the unique beauty and sanctity of traditional marriage are being destroyed by a mindset focused on creating all kinds of artificial constructs that do not contain the elements of true marriage and in attempts to gain those elements, cause severe damage to society. The years and years of data showing the “good” of traditional marriage for society is being pushed aside in favor of an untested ideology embracing full-on adult choices untethered from the good of children let alone the good of society. We are no longer embracing as a culture the complementarity of the sexes and the dual purposes of the marital sexual act, both unitive and procreative.

According to a recent Pew report, another cause – especially among blacks – is financial instability.

Why are blacks, on average, decidedly more financially unstable? One factor, which must be taken into account, is the disproportionate impact of the welfare state following the civil rights movement. Major welfare programs established in the late 1960s, which required recipients to be unmarried to qualify, followed shortly thereafter by the legalization of abortion in 1973, had a devastating effect on the black family.

Data we have today should provoke a sense of urgency to focus policy on reversing the damage done by years of programs that have hurt the very low-income communities they were supposed to help. We need policies that protect life and encourage marriage, ownership and individual responsibility.

I believe the above argument has merit and that we need to have more national conversations that focus on the ideas outlined above. Unfortunately, in a time where we sure hear a lot of talk about “dialogue” – any dialogue that goes against the current trends of the welfare state or identity ideology, is not welcome. The only way to keep the discussion going is for people in the world to keep bringing it up – writing about it, talking about it, blogging about it, producing shows about it, teaching about it…living it. Friends, traditional marriage is sanctified and blessed by our Lord because it imitates His very own relationship in the Trinity. Let us not forget that Truth.