Thoughts on the NHL Lockout

So the attempts at mediation with the NHL have gone bust. According to the federal mediators involved the two sides “are too far apart.” Hmmmm….

What if the owners were asked to open their books and show their expenses. How much goes toward expenses and how much profit. How much do the owners want to make as salaries? Show me where it all goes and what you really want. Likewise, players, let me know what you want to make and why. What kind of lifestyle are you accustomed to and how much money do you need to live a “good” life. How much do you believe you are worth or owed?

Look…I am not judging anyone. Nor am I suggesting that I decide what anyone has to make or how much is fair. I would just like to have a conversation about it. What kind of money is motivating each side and why. Do the owners and players differ in what they want to make and what kind of lifestyle they need? Perhaps it is an interesting way to find common ground….and perhaps a way to reach reasonableness. Do owners feel they are more important than players? Do players feel they are more important than owners? A conversation like this could be revealing and interesting…