The Facebook Divorce Connection

Social media networking can become a serious issue in many a marriage. What seems like an innocent social connection can quickly morph into a too-close friendship and then into a full-blown relationship all the while hidden from your spouse. It is not easy to discern when things have gone too far but before you know it conversations move from introductory and innocently reminiscent to flirtatious and outright inviting. These exchanges can be hard to resist because they seem arm’s length, they seem not real, they seem simply playful. However, these exchanges are real from the outset. You are forming a real relationship and you now are looking forward to your chats and private messages.

Soon these exchanges will be replaced with telephone calls or texts and then requests for in-person meetings. You see, it becomes easier and easier to move forward because the momentum is carrying you. You must realize, from the start, that you cannot engage in a private way with members of the opposite sex when you are married. You owe it to your spouse to be faithful. Playing fast and loose with that vow is risky and unfair. Facebook is a real temptation in this arena because it gives you the opportunity to enter into relationships thinking it is all innocent. Do not be fooled. You know in your conscience and your heart when you have gone too far. Don’t put yourself in those situations from the beginning and you will be doing your marriage a great favor.

My astute business partner, Cary Sanchez, found this great article giving stats and information regarding the social networking/divorce link:

“A 2010 survey by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers showed that 81 percent of “the nation’s top divorce attorneys” reported an increase in social networking websites being used as evidence in divorce cases. Facebook is the leader, being cited in 66 percent of cases that involve online evidence.”

Facebook Divorce Stats: Couples ‘Be Wise,’ Experts Say , Christian Divorce and Remarriage Help, Resources.