The Dignity and Greatness of Woman In Motherhood

“No intervention of yours in human history, Almighty Father, illustrates more clearly the greatness and dignity of a woman than the Incarnation.” God bestowed so much dignity to motherhood by conceiving His Son, Himself, through the Holy Spirit, into the womb of a woman, Mary. How much Mary must understand the true beauty of Woman, the gift of motherhood, and the miracle of life. And how far are we from that true understanding.

I know we have lost that beauty and that greatness and dignity in our reduction of motherhood to choice. Motherhood is so much more than choice. Reduced to choice it becomes simply an act of the will which leaves out entirely the beauty and dignity of Woman and the miracle of Life. We treat the beauty of a life-giver, life carrier, and the miracle of life not as Beauty or Miracle with capital letters – not as Truth itself. We treat them as simply random changeable facts not worthy of special attention; hence, that we can even make the “reproductive rights argument” in their face is incomprehensible to me. These are very different things and must be viewed differently – not placed face to face in competition. That is completely the wrong kind of discussion.

Any “war on women” must talk about the war on motherhood and what seems to be the purposeful intent to reduce it to a random fact about the human female that can and should be relegated to nothing more than choice – an act of the will. Doing that to what is truly a Truth of our humanity does not do the Truth justice and instead reinforces to us the mundanity of it all! Let’s at least talk about this Truth as it is… a thing of Beauty, a Miracle, capable of only good. We do not see that because we have allowed people to turn Motherhood – a thing of Beauty and Truth – the concept of Good – on its head by making it seem dangerous, detrimental, and threatening. This is a false analysis.

Quote from the prayer the Novena to Mary for the Nation – Day 5, EWTN.