The Boldest Move Out Of Conflict Is Changing Your Mind

There is this notion out there that changing your mind even in the face of new information is a bad thing. You are a flip-flopper instead of someone who has nuance and is able to make decisions based on the flow of information. We praise digging your heels in and refusing to change or even acknowledge your own wrongful behavior let alone a bad idea or wrong information. Seeing change as weak we cling to our “positions” tightly and loudly to the point of absurdity.

The boldest move forward is often changing your mind. Why? Because it is a step toward acknowledging the other party and finding out what they need. This generates new options…this spurs creativity because you are now working together. Too often we seek out the “judge” to decide the winner. Life is not about that though watching our politics you would think it is. Winners and losers make for stressful, lonely lives. The high of winning is empty and the low of losing is demoralizing. Is that what you want?

Conflict is a natural part of life and it is going to be present with those closest to you – siblings, parents, spouse, co-workers. Why? Because these people are the ones you walk with daily. Turning conflict with those people into a living hell for them and will affect your health, your money, and your ability to live life with the freedom that we all deserve. Stop making conflict so hard and so dramatic and so earth-shattering. Be a peacemaker. Consider your duty and discard the rest. Examine your boundaries…and determine what is worth fighting for and discard the rest. Live as a Child of God with His love in you and flowing out of you – unscared, bold, righteous, and holy.