Tampa Divorce Coaching Will Work for You!

As divorce coaches, we can save you thousands in attorney fees by helping you pick your battles in an ongoing divorce, or even handle your own divorce, or narrow your issues before you even get started. So many people spend so much time, energy, and money-spinning on issues that are not winnable and keep them immersed in pain. Whether you are in a divorce action, considering divorce, or need your situation evaluated, we can help you with a real, informative conversation to help you make decisions that move you forward with the least stress and the least expense.

You can use us as needed and know that you have a resource who can give you perspective on your own behaviors, the direction your case is going, how your children are doing, and whether you are spinning your wheels in a situation or battle that is either not moving or heading in the wrong direction.

We have helped people move past infidelity, deal with high conflict spouses, redefine their relationship with their children, and redirect their energy to moving forward in their own lives rather than dwelling in the divorce process, trying too hard to control situations that they need to let go of and spending zero time looking at where their own life needs to go. This is not always easy to do but we find that people often need and want to hear….truth! Because that truth causes them to find themselves and it transforms into truth to power which produces lasting change.

The cost of a learning conversation like this is minimal in comparison to the ongoing money people spend in relentless litigation fueled by confusion, anger, misguided wants, and more. We work well with attorneys and find that with our involvement, cases tend to run smoother and with less confusion or lack of focus by the client. People in divorce or contemplating divorce can only benefit from taking a time out and coming to people who will educate them honestly and directly about their own situation and give a good perspective on the best way to move forward taking into consideration important issues like what the future holds in terms of the divorce process, co-parenting, and their own future.

Take advantage of this kind of service and use it because, like others, you will see not only economic savings but emotional savings as well!