Should I Divorce? What Does God Want Me To Do?

When it comes to prayer, so many of us tend to think that God will answer us with some kind of definitive answer or that He will give us a step-by-step playbook to move ahead. We want certainty. Just tell me Lord and I will do it. Just tell me what to do! Please be clear and just reveal to me what I am supposed to do so I can do it.

We don’t imagine that the Lord’s answer to us might just be to wait…to stay exactly where you are and know that I am with you. But it hurts! But I cannot take one more day! But…but…she cheated on me…he is addicted to porn… Indeed you might be carrying a cross at that moment…it’s heavy too….and you want some answer that is clear….leave your wife…move out… but you just don’t get that answer from God. The only thing you get is what seems like no answer. That non-answer is, in reality, God being quite clear with you in the sense that He does not want you to make any move yet but rather wants you to sit and perhaps spin in your own juices a bit. Tune in deeper to Him and His presence in every little thing in your life from the time you wake up to the time you go to bed and start to see Him and see who He brings to you, what situations He presents. Also, consider what He has clearly revealed to you – His sacraments, i.e. going to Confession, receiving Him at Mass in the Eucharist, knowing what the Church teaches especially about marriage and why the Church teaches what it does.

Father Mike does an amazing job in this video. Understanding that the Lord will not ask you to make decisions about what you don’t know is key. And then looking at what you do know is even more key. So many people come to my office not really knowing if divorce is the right answer…they have just sort of resigned themselves to it or have allowed their own sense of being “done” with it all to take over. They have stopped asking God because it seems like God does not answer…when in fact He does.

Take a look and listen here.