Sanchez & Baietto

Sanchez and Baietto provide mediation and facilitation services that effectively reconcile or resolve conflict and/or legal disagreements. As strong negotiators, we help parties and attorneys negotiate more effectively. As neutral participants and active listeners, we acknowledge and respect all parties and assist them in being heard, being understood, and staying actively engaged in the negotiation process. Participants benefit from Brenda Baietto’s more than 15 years of experience as an attorney as well as her extensive experience as a participant in mediations in the family arena. Participants also benefit from Cary Sanchez’s years of dedication to the mental health field and her understanding of conflict, highly emotional, and sensitive issues.

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Mediation Practice Areas

Nature of Cases

  • Multiple parties or participants
  • Difficult to resolve
  • Ongoing relationships between parties with strong emotional undercurrents
  • Complex issues

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