Romance Is Not Meant To Last Forever

Romance is a young person’s game. But we tend to dwell on the idea that a lack of romance means my relationship is dead. So wrong. The purpose of romance is not lifetime happiness. That’s fantasy…the purpose is to set you and your spouse up for children.

Friends, the reason for long-term relationships – in sickness and in health – is that life has its ups and downs. More to it, the downs can be very very hard…two of you can weather the storms better. Let’s also think about companionship. We are not young forever but our culture does not allow us to think about the second half of our lives…where we want and desire companionship. I love it when Peterson also says that we need our spouse because every time we manifest one of our real weaknesses, the spouse is there to call you on it. And you can’t run because running just means you are running from the truth…and in the big picture…from growth…if you never hear the hard truths about yourself from someone who loves you…because you are always running or divorcing…then you never really grow into who you are meant to be…or discover your weaknesses and how to handle them.

Just watch Jordan Peterson here – you won’t be sorry.