Retrouvaille Upcoming Marriage Retreat in Tampa – February 2nd 2018

I have heard great reviews about this retreat. Its focus, according to what I have heard, is really on communication and making you look at your own behaviors. You cannot go in there thinking everything you do is fine and it is your spouse who has to change. You have to go there open, malleable, pliable, able to be moved, and open to change.

Saving your marriage is worth it. Nearly always. Your kids will thank you and you will thank yourself.

“Our families – we look at them and we think they should be these perfect places where there are people of like minds, where we can take refuge, where we are comforted. That’s not true, is it? And if our spouse does not meet our every need, well then, I must not be in love anymore. God looks at our families differently. God sees our families as opportunities of charity of forbearance and forgiveness. Our families are the “schools of heaven” where we learn to love one another despite our differences.”

If we cannot do it in our families, how then, friends, can we do it in the world.

You cannot expect from your spouse what you should be getting from God. Our spouse is not our All in All. God is. So allow Him into your marriage and lean on Him, first and foremost, for the love you need and then put Him at the heart of your marriage. He will keep you both focused on the other teaching you His ways – mercy, charity, forgiveness.

Go to this retreat with that attitude: and with prayer, thanksgiving for your spouse, and love. See what happens.

All of us married couples could use it. A shot in the arm.