Remake Yourself Through Your Struggles

People want to remake society without remaking themselves. They want a Christ without the cross. Our crosses are necessary. If we do not embrace them we are not willing to do what has to be done to be better. The choice is yours. You must shut out the noise of the world to find yourself and you absolutely must face the crosses that are yours to bear. God gave us Christ for help so use Him. Once you pick up the cross and carry it you will, in your struggle, die to your old habits and ways and rise to a new you living in His light.

Ever since the days of Adam, we have been hiding from God and saying God is hard to find. Is He really? He has got a key to your heart but He will not use it unless you let Him in. But He is always at the gate. Who has the other key? You do. The human heart has the key. We look for our key and more often than not, it is lost or mislaid. But it is always in our hand yet we do not wish to see it. Shut out the noise of the world. Be with yourself and know who you are. Many cannot be with themselves because of the uncomfortable repartee going on in their conscious. Distractions that you let in drown out the voice of conscious that is real and true. Discern the difference and do not be afraid to hear the hard stuff. It is the stuff that will change you, improve you, help you to become who you are supposed to be with dignity and integrity.

Thank you Archbishop Fulton Sheen one of the greatest speakers I have ever heard. If you have never listened to him, I dare you to try. He is as real as it gets.