Recognizing The Real Presence of Sin

“The greatest dramas naturally involve the salvation or loss of the soul…sic… Without sin, you have no story…sic..(But) …either one is serious about salvation or one is not.” Flannery O Connor.

We are all fallen. Our stories center around sin. Ms. O’Connor is not afraid to call sin what it is…sin. She recognizes the power and the real presence of sin. (Makes me think of Christ’s antidote – his real presence in the Eucharist.) And in each of her stories, O Connor leaves you, as Bruce Springsteen says, with this hole where you have got to think about which way you are going to go. Oh, she offers the redemptive act, but will the character take it. Will you take it? Or will you just enjoy the meanness?

She is stunning – one of the best storytellers ever. Try reading this short story, “Everything That Rises Must Converge” you won’t be sorry. And for you, Bruce Springsteen fans take a look at this article of O Connor’s influence on Springsteen’s songwriting. Raised Catholic Springsteen does not define himself as a practicing Catholic yet his songwriting not only parallels O Connor’s storytelling but includes quotes and titles of her own works. Very Cool.