Pornography Causes Divorce – Destroys Marriages

The research is clear – porn destroys relationships and will bring pain and damage to a marriage – the most precious relationship precisely because it mirrors that of our Lord – the sacred Trinity. As the Trinity is in the relationship of love, so are the spouses in marriage.

Now that pornography is widely accepted, accessible and normalized, I must tell you that in my practice I hear many, many men and women talk about the harm porn have caused in their marriage. The beauty and intimacy of the total gift of self-giving in sexual intercourse are violated, done violence to, by pornography. And God helps us, our children will face serious issues related to intimacy and sexual relationships are given their exposure to porn. It is an epidemic – one we are afraid to face for a variety of reasons.

Take heart friends, you are not alone..and there is help. You can save your marriage and recapture the intimacy and love you knew with your spouse. The first step, however, is to draw the boundary and stop participating in, stop watching, and extricate yourself from the grips of porn. If you are not involved and only your spouse is, then you must draw this same boundary with your spouse. You must bring the issue to the surface, confront him or her about the porn and stand firm that you cannot move forward with intimacy unless real help is taken. Understanding what porn does to the brain is so important and then understanding what it does to the heart and the world.

Brain Heart World is a 3 part documentary discussing the effects of porn. Filled with testimony and real-life experiences, this documentary will help you and your spouse better understand the danger of porn and why it must be eradicated from your life and your relationships.