Pope Francis

St. Maximilian Kolbe offering himself up to starve in the place of another at Auschwitz was on a continuum with his celibacy.

When I read this I exclaimed YES! YES! YES! You see, as Christians, we serve a different Master than the world. “Because to serve the world means we serve comfort, power, efficiency, security, and our sexuality.” As servants of Jesus Christ who we actually believe is the Saviour of the World, we serve love. When we say “I believe in God” we are really saying, “I view life as a gift, not a possession”… Thus, we serve a God who sacrificed Himself for us. His love burns within us like a fire. It is unquenchable. No act is too great out of love. Our Lord showed us that. We imitate it. We learn it on our road to an ever more intimate relationship with Christ. From giving up a cup of coffee to giving up your sexuality to giving up your life – it is all a continuum because, you see, the love burns from and for our Creator, our Life, our Protector, the Great I AM, our Provider, our Joy. He thirsted on the cross for US and we thirst here for Him and in that thirst, we learn to love others and our thirst becomes for others but all for Him.

Thank you, Lord, that the time has come for Pope Francis. Thank you that the servant leader of your Church is displaying charity and love for all so loudly. I pray his charity to be seen in its relation to You and not boxed up as social work for the poor. His charity is a charity driven by his belief in You and Your gifts to us. Oh, how beautiful the gifts you have given to us Lord. Forgive us for the sins we commit against your most precious gifts. Let hearts be converted to see and to know You so we can see and know Your gifts. With great joy and confidence, I pray knowing my prayer is heard and the sacrifices I make through You and because of my love for You and the works of love I do through You and because of You are received. Remove any shred of pride that I may walk devoid of myself so that only You are seen and not me. In Christ’s name I ask all of this and through the intercession of Christ’s beloved Mother Mary I pray

“He came to pay a debt He didn’t owe
Because we owe a debt we cannot pay”

Thank you…Jesus.

I got up and went to pray. I needed inspiration. I turned to Heather King, my sister in Christ who hit me a home run today. Make sure you watch the video. Beautiful and it made me smile. Thank you.