Pope Benedict XVI: The Faith and Reason We Needed

God bless Pope Benedict – a man of great intelligence and faith during a time where we have many who have faith without reason and many who have reason without faith. He will be remembered and revered so much for being a man of God who understood and embraced reason. The Church needed him and he obeyed, God bless him. A true Vicar of Christ. Pray for Christ’s Church this Lent and make sacrifices so that you can become more Christlike emanating and witnessing Christ in your daily life. The battle has been won by Christ, my friends, we just need to continue to say “yes” to Him.

The following quote comes from this thoughtful article placing Benedict’s article in the historical context of His Church.

“Perhaps in our initial shock, we may have neglected to think of some of the advantages of this development. Benedict will be able to advise his successor, ensuring a continuity of governance that will be unparalleled in the recent history of the Church. He will be able to give the new pope “the lay of the land.” In this way, Benedict helps to disintermediate various curial interests, which, like any bureaucracy, make it difficult to begin a reign. I believe this will be the most orderly transition of authority witnessed in historical memory, even in an age of peaceful conclaves. I offer one final thought: Benedict has offered us a witness of the exceptional sovereignty of the pope. Truly he is the successor of Peter who has freely manifested his resignation, which can be accepted by no power on earth. Such a demonstration of papal authority is astonishing in its constitutional implications. St. Peter Celestine pray for us and for your successors!”