Parents: How To Teach Sexuality To Your Children

An important read for parents regarding how to teach sexuality to their children. This is one of our primary duties as parents. Yet, it is so difficult, especially where schools and media are taking over the job. There is a tendency for many parents to step away and let others form their children or to give in and forget that with Christ the positive practice of chastity is not only possible but enjoyable and meaningful for your children. Parents we must remember that our Lord has entrusted children to us. It is through His gift that we have our children and it is a calling of each parent to rear your child in the Lord. Our Father has given us the beautiful gift of sexuality. By learning about what the Church has to say and passing this on to your children you will form your children appropriately – in the way of love – and in the process you will form yourself, strengthening your marriage which is the basis and foundation of your family.

God be with you.