Mediation of Child Custody and Parenting

You are right to be concerned about the effect your divorce will have on your children.   Research shows that exposure to parental conflict has devastating effects on children. Parents engaging in high conflict divorce, using their children as pawns in the divorce, and disparaging the other parent regularly to their child will cause severe emotional damage.

Please ask yourself whether you want to do this to your child. Mediation can help reduce the conflict in your divorce. You both do not have to be in agreement to come to mediation with us. Simply agree that you both would like to avoid causing harm to your children, and then give us a call. We can help you deal with your conflicts in a productive way and help you reach your common goal: to give your children the gift of both parents, a happy childhood, and the ability to have healthy relationships. Whether you have issues with a parenting plan, visitation, custody, or post Judgment co-parenting issues, we have the experience and the skills to help you both to change your communication pattern and the know-how to help you both decide upon solutions that you each can live with.
If your spouse refuses to come in, we can help YOU deal with your spouse differently through divorce coaching. Even if you cannot agree with your spouse about anything, seeking out personalized coaching will give you the skills to change your perspective and your communication which will dramatically change how you function with a high conflict person. Even if you are legally represented but continue to see yourself spending money and stress trying to deal with a high conflict partner that is running you ragged, come in for a consultation to discuss how coaching can make a difference for you.
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