Mediation comes to Television

…And I thought Cary and I were the new faces of mediation.  Guess not.  There is one beautiful face coming to television as a mediator.  Her name is Sarah Shahi and Sarah will play Kate Reed, ‘a top litigator who, frustrated with the bureaucracy and injustice she witnesses in legal system, decides to become the ultimate anti-lawyer: a mediator.’ She will resolve all kinds of conflicts from business disputes to divorces. Read more about Sarah Shahi here. Hmmm…I had the EXACT same thoughts ‘cept no one offered me a television show…at least…not yet.
Laws were made by people, and people are often wrong.” That’s the mantra for Sarah Shahi’s titular character in USA’s new legal drama, Facing Kate.  (oops, name change has already occurred, to Fairly Legal).  The show, executive produced by Michael Sardo and Steve Sark, focuses on the world of lawyers who, like Kate, resign from practicing law and simply mediate clients’ disagreements. “Mediation is exploding in this country, exploding all over the world,” Sardo said Friday at the Television Critics Association fall TV preview. “Kate is someone who rebels against the one-size-fits-all mentality of the law.”
I pray everyday that my flaws make me interesting and don’t drive business away!  At any rate, if executive producer Michael Sardo says mediation is exploding worldwide, that is good news for Sanchez and Baietto. All kidding aside, mediation is an awesome concept for so many reasons and on so many levels.  I hope, at the very least, apart from the artificial glamour, beautiful people, and too- perfect scenarios, this show will get people to think about the concept in their own lives.  The economy is ripe for the takeover of a cost-effective way to handle disputes and our culture is ripe for people learning skills to handle conflict with eachother.  Haven’t we had enough hate and anger infiltrating everything from elections to our morals to our relationships.  We need eachother.  We can have win/win situations.  We have to care about eachother to want a “win” for the other so they will care enough about us to fight for the “win” for us.
Good luck Ms. Shahi and good luck Mediation!