Marriage is a Saint Making Business

“Marriage is a saint-making business. At its most basic, making saints of sinners is what marriage does.

In other words, by God’s grace and with God’s grace, matrimony teaches us fallen, selfish creatures to love without counting the cost. Day in and day out, it calls us to die to ourselves — to give more generously, to sacrifice more heroically, and to forgive more readily. It is and has been, for countless men and women, the ordinary path to holiness.”

You absolutely must stay close to Jesus through this love. As you love the way Jesus loved us, it is imperative that hold on tightly to Him. You cannot do this alone but in Him, you can do all things. Seek out spiritual guidance if you need it – resist just going to anyone and everyone for the advice. The devil – whom you are fighting – not your spouse, wants to confuse you, lie to you, and cause you despair. Supernatural hope in God is necessary and hard self-examination about how you are loving and whether you are really loving your spouse.

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