Making An Important Decision About Mom But Can’t Agree With Sibling? Elder Mediation Will Help

How many of us have adult sibling relationships that we sort of tolerate or have maybe even swept under the rug. What happens when your parents age and maybe even die and you have to make some important decisions with that sibling? Even with the best of relationships, these kinds of decisions bring out old hurts but when there are entrenched negative feelings or long-standing feuds, coming together at these times to discuss whether dad should still be driving or mom cannot live alone quickly brings back up these difficult feelings.

Elder mediation is a fast-growing field and one that all baby boomers should be thinking about. It will save you time, stress, and money to engage one of these professionals right out of the gate. Your communication will be more focused with a built-in referee and you will all stay on point when it comes to making necessary decisions.

Read this article from Slate Magazine that highlights the benefits of Elder Mediation. Additionally, and here comes a spoiler alert! – right after these two siblings finally came together and not only made an important decision about mom but also came to a new understanding with one another – one of them died unexpectedly. That mediation is forever seared into the other sibling’s mind as the vehicle that brought them together. It took guts for them to make the choice to do it – but the payoff was HUGE in more ways than one.