Learning to Love

I write a lot about love because to me it is the transforming agent that always works to transform people. People talk about getting “unstuck” – well, love will unstick you – guaranteed. But we have a notion that we must love and be loved the way we want. If that is not the case then we think it is all wrong. That is not true. Our parents did not love us the way we wanted to be loved. If they did all kids would be monsters. And we see some of that, don’t we? My husband does not always love me the way I want him to otherwise he would be a worthless rag who is more of a slave to me than my partner, lover, friend, dignified person. “Allow people to love you as they must love you, not as you want them to love you. Learning to love is learning to accept love as it comes” and recognizing it even when it is not exactly what you want. We often need the love we don’t want – sort of like a rough diamond – it is not shining when you find it but after lots of rubbing and working on it, it shines. Maybe the diamond doesn’t like all that nonsense but if it is going to shine it needs it. So does your heart – it needs work to shine even if it is uncomfortable for a while! Thank you, Mother Angelica – you are a gem!