Just Keep Talking – Divorce Mediation Can Work

Look, as long as you all keep talking there is hope. It takes time to get out of one’s own personal limited views to actually hear the other side. It takes time to realize your fears are governing your actions. It is easy during these times of pressure to escalate your fears and limited perceptions such that you become like a steel wall. Once there, you are willing to spend any amount of money and take any action to defend yourself.

Especially in divorce, this is tragic…for you, for your kids, for your spouse. Get out of the mindset that mediation is over in two sessions. Get out of the mindset that if your spouse does not take your offer, you are done. Mediation is significantly cheaper than either litigation or collaborative divorce but that does not mean it will be cheap. A good mediator will help you see a process and understand the importance of downtime in order for you to regroup and continue to move forward. At the end of the day, however, the name of the game is to keep meeting, keep listening, and keep talking. There is a lot that must come out from both of you. Give it time…and stay with it. Nothing good comes easy.