Insane Facts About High Conflict Divorce

The following article highlights some insane but true facts about high conflict divorce. You CHOOSE a high-conflict divorce. Choose instead an alternative route. That route will not be conflict-free but it will in no way be what a high conflict person wants it to be. In my experience, the high conflict person is going to try and make the divorce uncomfortable, expensive, and a battle. However, how you choose to respond is important. One of the best things you can do is take control of your communication with the high-conflict spouse. That’s right. How you communicate and where you draw boundaries is the very first thing you must do. To do that, you need to understand and learn the following:
1. how to communicate
2. what are your boundaries
3. how to set those boundaries
4. what you are actually willing to go to court over.

I specialize in helping people figure this out through a series of consultations. Call me if what I am describing sounds familiar.