I AM….The Resurrection and the Life

“In fact the more alive you are, the less you want to fritter away your energy trying to control anything.”
Heather King

Today I am alive – alive in the belief that there is a God that moves outside time and space! That He came and existed in time, moving in my world and acting in it with physicality yet overcoming all physical limitations. Alleluia! The joy of it all! Symbol? no way…nice pipe dream? uh-huh. He was seen by people and walked with them and ate with them. He was in physical form yet transformed. People were amazed.. The message was proclaimed with such exuberance because it was so overwhelming and REAL. I am free…to live in a design and providence that operates outside all we know! I am free because I have eternal life in God who promises it to those who believe and live in their faith. I can let go because “you have no power over me unless it were given to you from above!!!!” I firmly resolve with the help of Thy grace to accept the will of my Father and seek to imitate His Son who ate the food of the One who sent Him – because then, and only then, do I see each of you, do I see the beauty and dignity in all of us – children of the One who IS.