Higher Education Is Coming For You – Stop Their Bullying

Wilfrid Laurier University, an Ontario University, took steps to squash academic freedom at its university and is now being sued – big time.

Former teaching assistant Lindsay Shepherd showed a video of the University of Toronto Professor and popular cultural commentator, Jordan Peterson, criticizing a new law mandating recognition of gender-preferred personal pronouns. As a result, Ms. Shepherd was disciplined by faculty members accusing her of threatening the students and comparing Jordan Peterson to Nazi dictator, Adolph Hitler.

Ms. Shepherd and Jordan Peterson are suing the University and named professors.

I think these suits are important and a must-do to stop the bullying. It is incomprehensible to me that Wilfrid Laurier thought it acceptable to lambast Shepherd and defame Peterson to promote an agenda. People have a right to free thought. The University is especially a place where ideas must be discussed. I stand behind both these people to use the force of law to vindicate an important right – freedom of thought and speech. The bullying must stop.