Get A Fresh Perspective By Taking A Walk

I have had the experience in my mediations of being stifled. That is, no matter how nice the physical place of the mediation is, when things get tense, I know we all need to get outside and move around. Physical activity is an important part of my life. When I am stressed, I go walking. I work out fairly regularly. Without the physical release, I am a mess AND I find the physical release allows me to think more clearly.

Tammy Lenski talks about taking her clients out for a walk during mediation. That in fact, research shows walking helps us get a fresh perspective on things. This is kind of an outreach from the walk to the balcony technique which is really just getting people to step away from the tenseness. I do love the idea. I thought about it more for individuals to go take a walk and clear their heads – not so much all of us walking together. But I love it! I, However, I don’t live in a big city that is conducive to walks and it is dang hot outside in Florida. Dang hot. I need more thought on this…but the idea is wonderful and the article gives great insight to all of us on how to use the walk when in conflict. Take a look here.