Gender-Selective Abortion in the United States

I no longer think in terms of “stances” when it comes to difficult issues – political or otherwise. I think only of real situations in which I may be involved and because of my belief in the Trinity and my status as a conservative Catholic, I pray for guidance and I pray for discernment and I pray to act in and through Jesus Christ when confronted with these situations according to the teachings laid out by the catholic faith in its dogma.

I follow a blog called Bad Catholic written by Marc Barnes. He is an exceptional writer and, to me, a good catholic. He comments on so many pressing issues of the day with insight and wit which makes him not only an informative read but a good read. Neither is he stuffy by any means. In the following post, he has videos showing Planned Parenthood involved with gender-selective abortion.

Planned Parenthood’s position in these videos is that it does not interfere with people’s free choices about abortion – whatever the reason for the abortion. I wonder then why it issued the statement – also shown in the video – that it does not promote gender-selective abortions. Look, I get the technical argument – I am a lawyer after all – but that does not change the fact that Planned Parenthood is performing gender-selective abortions.

I just cannot believe women and men – maybe even married couples – are engaging in gender-selective abortion. It shocks me and saddens me to such a degree I cry out to God to please have mercy through His Son and His death on the cross – for we know not what we do. Change hearts because our hearts have hardened, Lord, and help us to love one another and the gift of life you have so graciously given to us.