Free Parenting Class?

I’ve received calls from so many clients who literally want something for nothing. They call requesting our private parenting class, when I tell them about it and its benefits they are blown away and ready to sign up. Then the next question is, do you do the class for free??? I understand we are living in difficult times, but when it comes to the co-parenting relationship it is so important for parents to work together in spite of their differences in order to help their children cope with the trauma of a divorce. Any way you slice it divorce costs money. So many want to take what seems to be an easy way out, this is never a good idea. I always grew up hearing this from my parents “Lo barato sale caro” it means “cheapness will always cost more in the end.”

One of the most contested areas of a divorce is timesharing and child support. People spend so much money and waste so much emotional effort in order to fight the other parent for what they want. This strategy is ineffective, it hurts the co-parenting relationship and the children in the long run. We are skilled in helping parents, especially those in contentious situations, develop a business style relationship as it relates to their children. Information and strategies on how to help your children cope through a divorce are vital, especially when a situation is contentious between parents. It is the only way to help those dearest to you cope with the death of the family as they know it. Parents must work together, even if they don’t want to, for the benefit of their children. This may be a difficult task, but not impossible. There is hope in establishing new boundaries with your ex-spouse in order to effectuate the change. It is a process that requires the proper supports, information, time and effort.