Four Questions To Ask Before Filing For Divorce

Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse created “Four Questions To Ask Before Filing For Divorce. I credit Dr. Morse for her extensive work on marriage and family. Marriage is a great “good” and I know anyone who got married did so thinking they would be married forever. IF you are reading this post then you are considering divorce. I know you have probably been agonizing about this decision for some time; that you are suffering; that you feel misunderstood or not heard or lost and confused. If you have children, this whole thing is way worse. Please, read Dr. Morse’s four questions carefully. Then, come see me and let’s talk about your situation. I have listened to spouses – alone and together – for a lot of years and I have learned that so many problems in marriage are surmountable. There are resources. There is support for you. Perhaps divorce is your answer or perhaps there is an alternative. Come in and discuss your situation with me and let’s work together to determine your next step. I am not here just to get you divorced, though I can do that, I am also here as a counselor at law. Use my experience and expertise to help your family.

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To read more from Dr. Morse go here. She is an incredible resource.