Forgiveness is Key to Moving Forward in Life

We had a mediation yesterday that reached a resolution regarding issues that needed addressing immediately. We noticed, however, that one party was still very unhappy. When asked why the party gave answers that when summed up revealed that the party is still carrying resentment toward the other. There are wounds that have not been addressed. These wounds are lodged deep in the heart and because of them, that party has incentive to continue “making conflict” because the wounds ache and the recourse is to make the other’s life miserable.

We are hopeful that these parties will return to us to help them dig out these wounds and work through them. On a bigger scale, I believe in our times that there is a darkness that obscures the usual process of acceptance for others and many carry heavy burdens that should have been cast off already. Being hurt by others is normal. It happens. You hurt people too. Be honest because you are in the same boat as those who have hurt you in terms of being held accountable. Remember that. Maybe someone hurt you more than you have ever hurt anyone. Be at peace because God is Divine Justice and those that hurt you will have to deal with their own process. But you must strive to leave the bitterness behind because bitterness is deceiving. Getting trapped in it have you swirling in an inability to find peace.

Forgiveness brings peace. Forgiveness brings self-acceptance because when you accept others faults you can accept your own weaknesses. I tell you truly that I see those who say they have forgiven but cannot forgive themselves. True forgiveness involves letting go and loving the enemy – not a sentimental love but a true Godly love that moves cautiously and discerns carefully when to hold back and when to give, when to walk and when to stay.

Jesus’ mother Mary must have had a hard time forgiving those who put her son to death right before her eyes. I am sure her heart broke – I am sure her pain was something that, fortunately for me, I cannot understand. At Jesus’ death, Mary’s heart stopped in terms of its ability to love and recover – perhaps like many of you who have unjustly lost someone or who have been unjustly treated by someone. She relied on God and He breathed forgiveness into her and she continued her life without her Son. People, do not be ashamed to need God’s help in these times. So many Christians – like the party in mediation – lose sight of God in these difficult times and are unwilling to access Him. God will place forgiveness in your heart just as He did for Mary – but you must ask Him to do it. Maybe you cannot yet ask to have forgiveness placed in your heart, then ask Him for the willingness to want forgiveness placed in your heart. Even then you give Him room in your heart to act. You must make room for Him even if that means asking for a willingness to desire what is good. Unlock the gate.

Thank you, Sister Faustina and Mary the Mother of Jesus.