Exalt The Cross For He Draws All To Himself

Living in guilt is a way the enemy keeps us from Christ. We blame ourselves and refuse to forgive ourselves. It is not for us to forgive Christians! Forgiveness belongs to Christ who makes right our wrongs by becoming sin itself and dying on the cross. He is sin yet He is the sinless. Look at Him on the cross and know He draws you to Himself. He said so therefore believe Him! And go to him in your guilt which leads you to despair and hopelessness. Do not be fooled by the enemy into relying on yourself. Do not give in to pride and your own small mind. Give the guilt, the sin, the weakness, the non-understanding, the hopelessness and attach it to the cross which is where sin belongs. Release yourself and your pride and let the sinless one, the Saviour, our Redeemer, free you and draw you to Himself to begin your process of true reconciliation with the God of mercy, the God of justice, our Father in Heaven. Only then can the Holy Spirit rest upon you to move your heart to discern the ways of the Lord.

Thank you priests of EWTN for the celebration of the Daily Mass and thoughtful reflections.

Today is the Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross. Go the Cross and get on your knees. Look up and be renewed in mind, body, and spirit…be free of the burdens you place on yourself and be free enough to be drawn into Him. You must allow it to happen. Move His love and ask Him to be drawn to Him because you will be. Peace in the Saviour our Redeemer.