Divorce and Depression

With the tragic death by suicide of actor Robin Williams, depression is front and center again. People have strong opinions about depression yet I think it is very misunderstood. Reactions to Robin Williams’ suicide ranged from empathy and understanding of his suicide to outrage at the selfishness of it all and, of course, everything in between.

This brings me to Dr. Aaron Kheriaty’s book, The Catholic Guide to Depression. I have not read the book but I did watch an interview of him and was deeply impressed with his coupling of the psychology and science of depression and how it is treated medically with the compelling answers to why we suffer found in Christianity. He is both an academic and a believer and this marriage makes for an analysis that is deep.

I see a lot of spouses and kids who suffer through a divorce and post-divorce. This book is a wonderful resource to help you.

You can start with this great interview with Dr. Kheriaty here.