DeVon Franklin inspires in his Trust in God

Super movie exec DeVon Franklin was recently on EWTN’s World Over Live being interviewed by Rayond Arroyo. Involved in the new movie, Woodlawn, Mr. Franklin was discussing the movie and what moved and shook him to get where he is. The biggest thing that stuck out for me was the darkness he was in for so long while he was trying to move forward figuring out God’s will for his life. We think God shows Himself at every turn, when in fact, on many occasions, God remains hidden watching us, asking us to TRUST in a big way. For Mr. Franklin, that sacrifice of trust in God manifested when he quit his cushy job for Will Smith’s production company with no other job. He said people thought he was committing career suicide. But now look at him. He is amazing, has a book called Produced by Faith I hope to read soon and a TED talk. Check out the TED talk here.