Creating Life is Amazing

Since I was old enough to understand my sexuality I have always been simply dumbfounded by the fact that when a man and woman have sex they can generate life.  I know…I know…you think I am being dramatic …all animals can do it and some sea animals do it by themselves.  Notwithstanding these facts, I see myself differently than animals.  I view human life as unique thus far in history and as a result, that little me can create life is overwhelming to me.  I do not take it for granted and am ever so thankful for the ability to do so.  I respect life and the creation of life like few other things in my world.  This is not a condemnation about anything…just my own judgment about the beauty, the awesomeness, the wonder of human life.

To that end, take a look at this computer animation of the creation of life.  It is visually stunning and captures the wonder of the human being and the creation of life. Enjoy.