Christians and Divorce Coaching

Divorce is a growing phenomenon in the church. The statistics report that the divorce rate in the church is equal to the divorce rate of non church members. In spite of the growing numbers of divorce in the church population, there are very little resources available to those who are going through a divorce or are in a post divorce transition. As a Christian, I know and understand the Word of God is clear on divorce, “God hates divorce” ~Malachi 2:16. Those are very strong words, hates means to abhor to utterly detest. As a result many Christians who have gone through a divorce or are in the midst of a divorce oftentimes also have a spiritual battle. Many feelings of guilt and worthlessness overwhelm them as they feel they have let God down and may feel as though they will never be worthy of His forgiveness. Many individuals leave the church because of these same feelings and unfortunately most churches are ill equipped to help divorcing couples.

While I agree that many marriages today have fallen apart when in fact they could have worked through their problems with the appropriate resources and commitment, I do understand that there are many different reasons couples divorce and it is not anyone’s place to judge whether or not every effort was made in order to save the marriage. Only the couple themselves can answer that with honesty, and they are the ones who will have to live with the consequences of their decisions.

Often times there may be one person in the relationship holding on for dear life in order to save the marriage, while the other partner is disinterested and uninvolved. Perhaps there was marital infidelity, financial problems, blended family issues, drug problems or just apathy that leads to this. It is most difficult for those individuals to move through the divorce process, especially when they have neither initiated or agree with the divorce.

This is where a divorce coach can help individuals move through this process to a place of wholeness and healing. Divorce is hard; there is no way around that. It is a difficult decision and a difficult process. It can feel as though a part of you has been cut off or died. Additionally the high conflict and emotional upheaval divorce causes can leave many immobilized and unable to function properly. Anxiety, tensions and depression increase as you now imagine your life without the one person you thought you would grow old with. Children may become collateral damage as one party becomes disengaged or uses the children as pawns in the battle, while the other parent may be so emotionally wrung out that they are not able to provide the children the proper time and attention they need to grow and grieve the death of the family unit.

As Christians and professionals in the field, Sanchez and Baietto, LLC can help individuals get through this process all the while providing effective and compassionate services. Divorce does not mean that guilt, bitterness and worthlessness should overwhelm you. We can help our clients focus on their future while guiding them through their present. We have the legal, mental health and most importantly a Biblical foundation to our interventions. We will be with our clients every step of the way as they together with the Lord begin the path of restoring their lives during this difficult transition, and to remind them that God’s grace, forgiveness and restoration is available to all who seek it.

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