Be Who God Meant You To Be And You Will Set The World On Fire

Thinking about the array of flowers in nature makes me think about the array of personalities in humans. We are all so different yet so very unique and beautiful. A violet is stunning and blooms at its appointed time in splendor. A rose too, and how charming is a daisy in all its glory. Too often Living in the fullness of who you are, whatever that might be, is how you will set the world one worry about why we are not a rose or a lily or a daisy. Or we even think we need to be all of them! We become unsatisfied with who we are. Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire! (St. Catherine of Sienna)

To live in our unique fullness requires humility and an acceptance and thankfulness of your little-ness or medium-ness or big-ness. Revel in who you are – in all its goodness – because all of us are uniquely made, in the image of God, with a God-given mission to complete for Him. Look for that mission first in your marriage, in your celibacy, in who is around you, in the relationships you are to live out. All of these have significance to God. All of them can be sanctified in living them in Him, through Him, and with Him. Then look in your work – be it big work or small work – because God chooses you to do big things in small ways and small things in big ways and small things in small ways and big things in big ways. IT won’t be your doing…it will be His. You won’t even believe it is happening. But first and foremost, you must know you and be thankful for who you are living your life under God’s laws which will have the effect of bringing out in you more than you ever knew could be possible.

Fight off the temptations to exert your will contra your Father in Heaven. Use His Son, Your Saviour to remember that your will can and does sometimes seek the wrong things for yourself or if it is the right thing, we want to make the path to execution our path and not God’s path. Give those desires of your will to Christ in prayer to assist you in discerning how to use them, when to use them, if to use them at all. Surrender all to Him trusting completely, walking around every day with eyes wide open looking at what your Father is presenting you that day. This is transforming and you will know a sense of awe and wonder in your life-giving it meaning in a way that nothing else can.

Read Matthew 6 beginning at verse 25, Dependence on God, here. Depend on God in all things and your Heavenly Father who loves you, who knows every hair on your head, who knows every thought in your heart, will take care of you in a way a good father should.