Archdiocese Refuses Mediation with Fired Employees

In these cases, the two employees, both homosexual, were fired when news of their same-sex marriage was made public. Same-sex marriage is against the Catholic Church. I understand same-sex marriage has been legalized in the United States but that does not and will not ever change the teachings of the Church. While I would encourage mediation to further discuss the teachings of the Church and to discuss with the parties the importance of religious freedom, I would discourage mediation if the parties’ ultimate goal is to force the Church to change its doctrine or to force the Church to employ people who refuse to follow the Church’s teachings. There is no compromise on Church teaching. It is what it is and if the Church waters it down for everyone’s personal preferences, there will be no more Church.

I am a believer in religious freedom. The Church has the right to protect its teachings and to live by those teachings. The legality of something does not make it right or wrong for purposes of morality which is the genesis of the teachings of the Church. This is bullying plain and simple. Read more here.