A De-escalation of Fear With the Iran Nuclear Deal

In any emotional conflict, keeping the other in a heightened state of fear escalates the conflict and ingrains resentment and hatred. This inevitably brings war. The Iran nuclear deal can be a very important first step in changing the way the world sees Iran and how Iran sees itself. It is early, yes, and much needs to be proven by Iran in terms of holding up its end of the bargain. Yet this deal can have the effect of neutralizing the “fear” that has been driving conflict between Iran and the West and causing significant, enduring positive change. Economic gain for Iran is important to its people and can mean a ground swelling of good feelings by the people for the West. Respect too is important in that it has the effect of causing people to hold to the deal they created. Much has been written and talked about in terms of the respect all parties felt in reaching this tentative agreement. Never underestimate the need to show respect when trying to reach an agreement or get something you want during a negotiation.

I realize the fears of the neighboring regions especially of a new sort of realignment by the West with Iran. However, these fears are unjustified this early. Trust, but verify. We risked it back then with Reagan. It is worth it to move forward this way again right now. To finally be able to take that fear – that has been driving how our government functions with Iran and the way we the people often feel about Iranians – and move it to the side of our relationships instead of having it front and center, can make a real difference in world relations. I feel like our country is getting used to operating in fear over every issue because our political structure is forcing that on us. I for one refuse to do it and it is nice to see a preliminary step that is moving fear away instead of giving it the power to drive the issue.