6 YO Boy On Track for Repressed Puberty Due to One Diagnosis of Gender Dysphoria

Little James is comfortable being a boy when he is with his dad. So why does his mom dress him as a girl and call him “Luna.” James is only 6 years old.

Mom had James diagnosed by a counselor at Dallas Rainbow Counseling and said the counselor diagnosed James with Gender Dysphoria despite spending time with James and his father. I repeat, James is only 6 and this is only one diagnosis.

A single therapist’s diagnosis of gender dysphoria has put James on a life-changing protocol known as the Dutch protocol. (The Dutch protocol lacks scientific basis, yet clinics are adopting it.) The protocol consists of social transition to acting like the opposite sex, and hormone blockers.

I would think, to be prudent, another opinion should be given. Perhaps someone not from “Rainbow” Counseling. For goodness sake, the child is 6, why on earth would a parent want to drastically change this child’s life forever while he is still so very young. The Father is fighting the case. He needs help financially to fight the legal fight. If you feel compelled, help him.

Read this important article written by Walt Heyer, who himself a former transgender. Walt speaks out strongly about transgender regret with evidence-based arguments and real-life scenarios. Learn more about him here.