12 Year Study On The Effects of Divorce Mediation

The following is a summary of Dr. Emery’s 12-year study on the effects of divorce mediation.

It is interesting to note that just 5 hours of mediation provided families with some necessary tools/guidelines with how to interact with one another. The mediation process is valuable in teaching individuals how to work together in a  non adversarial  way in spite of past hurts and differing needs. This is most important for families with children. Divorce is a traumatic experience for children. It may feel as though it is the death of their family; their foundation has dramatically changed.  Divorce is an adult issue and carries with it many complexities, hurts, financial ramifications, ect.. Children should not be expected to understand all of the complexities involved in the spousal relationship.

Problem solving skills can help families work together in a way that best meets the children’s needs.  These skills will teach family members how to manage stress and cope with situations that may exist for separating families.

~Cary Sanchez, LCSW